gary deirmendjian selected works



general statement

... once a believer, I now rest my faith in uncertainty.

there's been a lifelong personal struggle towards a firming appreciation of our oneness as a single species, and of our extreme smallness in the context of a vast, humming and indifferent universe. the understanding that ours is a momentary existence on a speck of dust adrift in boundless space, has gained considerable density.

the tension between the felt sublime of this base truth and the many ways in which we are ushered away from knowing it fully, is somehow the surge underlying the expression … in all its forms. 

the core interest lies in the tidal mechanisms of social conditioning and one’s place in the given oceans of unquestioned attitudes and mass acceptance. 

the expression in turn continues to find inspiration in the ever enduring and conquering individuals of any time and place, who have pushed through and come to see beyond the assumed certainties …


work and practice

i've come to appreciate art as a form of suggestive communication, akin to poetry.

the oeuvre encompasses sculpture, photography, video, installation and site-specific intervention, and is broadly recognised for being challenging, thought provoking, immersive and socially concerned.

the practice is not media or process specific and nor is there a conscious aim towards stylistic unity. rather, it may be regarded as being driven by a certain unity of intent … born of the given worldview. not by concept per se, but by felt thought.

material, formal and symbolic elements at play in any given work hope for common readability, while actuality and the incidental are always explored for their potential as active agents in the conjuring of the suggestive mix. the belief being that the actuality of particular elements adopted along with their appreciation as arrived at propositions, in conjunction with that of sites loaded with their own social and historic narratives, hold substantial suggestive power that may be harnessed to consistently and acutely charge the potentials of a work’s meaning.

the central aim is always to merely show, demonstrate and suggest, without consciously taking any moral or ethical position, and without implying remedy.

further, it has become essential to find means to connect directly with a broader public, free of any obligation, mediation or justification … to be suggestive of the truths of who we are, what we are and how we are, back into the social fold …