gary deirmendjian selected works

eath to earth 2017



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:::: site specific intervention ... a breeze driven kinetic proposition
:::: invited artist; group exhibition; HIGH NOON, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Campo Boario campus, Rome (click)
:::: curated by Sarah Linford, Donatella Saroli and Adrienne Drake
:::: using ready made red/white danger tape readily available on site
:::: 0.5km in total length (approx.)


artist statement

six near 80m lengths of ready made red/white danger tape, are loosely strung from a grounded singularity to regulated points in rafters of one building, then coupled across a courtyard to a set of 6 points in the rafters of parallel building, before being pointed back to earth.

in the context of a site resonating heavily of it's former function as an abattoir, the colours red and white suddenly lend themselves to being read as blood and milk. this, while the movement of the tapes ... at times in modes of gentle sway and at others trembling violently … may efficiently reflect the imagined anxiety levels of the beasts, ranged perhaps from states of calm while grazing in the outer grounds, to heightened degrees of panic when sensing the “processing”.



i would to in particularly thank Liliia Mochula and Hassan Ameli, Masters students from the Accademia, for their tireless and diligent assistance, without whom the work would simply not have been possible.




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