gary deirmendjian selected works

kouros - cold power 2014; 16



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:::: formal stance based on the kouros - ancient Greek free standing male sculpture, from an era when Western Civililisation takes its "first steps"
:::: first exhibited at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney (exhibition BUILDHAUEN; click)
:::: mixed media - non organic rubbish collected from the artist's home and the streets; fibreglass/resin outer skin
:::: 1950mm(H) x 600mm x 650mm

NOTE: work re-edited in 2016


artist statement

A contemporary kouros, the work holds bare the actualities of our ways … the STUFF of our lives ... worthlessness of cost and consequence.

Our anointed role as passive mass consumers in the name of global economics and the must of its growth, appears to have been coached, teased and ushered in very slow, quiet and deliciously expert ways.

Apparent is the great sublime of our age.