gary deirmendjian selected works

neither here nor there - canberra 2022



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:::: public intervention upon expansive forested nature strip between the High Court and National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
:::: event: Canberra Art Biennial [link; formerly known by Contour 556]
:::: media: multiple bulk bags [ready-made];
:::: dimensions: overall variable; typical bulk bag size 1m x 1m x 1m[H]


artist statement

amongst the many fully established trees, a few of equal value and substance stand impossibly in bulk handling bags with their mobility assured.

alluding to powers without, be they a force of nature or that by decree, have they been placed there or is it elsewhere ‘they’ now plan for them to be …




i would like to thank Neil Hobbs, Director of Canberra Art Biennial [link], for the generous invitation. it has allowed for a significant extension and expansion of a given line of thought, that became manifest as a singular proposition in early 2022 [link].

i am very grateful to Brad Able of Able Landscaping [link] for the extensive support in supplying raw media and labour. to your team consisting of Ron, Tristan, Alain, Jason and Nick, THANK YOU for the hard yakka! let it be known that some fun was had [under trying wet weather conditions].

i would also like to acknowledge Faruk Ahmed of Bulk Bags Australia [link], for the generous consideration in supplying the bags ...