gary deirmendjian selected works

presence 2016


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:::: major moving image public artwork commission
:::: created specifically for wynscreen (click), Wynyard Station, Sydney (see note 1)
:::: client Transport for NSW
:::: EOI developed/executed/managed by Cultural Capital (click)
:::: architects Woods Bagot (click)

:::: duration 32min (see note 2)
:::: screen dimensions 23m x 2.9m (height); tapered ends

note 1

wynscreen is a 23m long curved LED screen of unique form, protected behind access glazing:

note 2

presence consists of 3, 10 min stand alone acts that may be played in any order to constitute the full work. Whilst aesthetically identical in look and feel, each act resonates with subtle differences in mood. The acts are identified by the following shapes:




artist statement

Once a believer I now rest my faith in uncertainty.

There’s been a lifelong personal struggle towards a firming appreciation of our oneness as a single species, and of our extreme smallness in the context of a humming, vast and indifferent universe. The understanding that ours is a momentary existence on a speck of dust adrift in boundless space, has gained considerable density. 

The tension between the felt sublime of this base truth and the many ways in which we are ushered away from knowing it fully, is somehow what has managed to surge the expression in all its forms. 

The core interest lies in the tidal mechanisms of social conditioning and one’s place in the given oceans of unquestioned attitudes and mass acceptance. 

The expression in turn continues to find inspiration in the ever enduring and conquering individual of any time and place, who has struggled through to see beyond the assumed certainties.

In both intent and purpose, presence is deeply rooted in this very arrival.

Suggesting itself as another realm (unearthly even) with inhabitants at once familiar yet foreign, presence lies as a silent counterweight to the rush and daily life of Wynyard, its terrain appearing to stretch deep into the fog, well beyond the curved glazing: the monumental bay window that separates us. 

Their unthreatened and non-threatening focus is us and our way of being it seems.

Let it take the viewer’s fancy, should they allow it to …


production credits

artist & director: Gary Deirmendjian

producer & effects: Shahane Bekarian (click)

camera & lighting: Matthew Syres

principal talent: Jacinta Acevski, Joseph Gambriello, Drew Connor Holland, Dion Horstmans, Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis, Charemaine Seet, Marina Seet, Zara June Williams, Justine Youssef

talent: Duha Ali, Shahane Bekarian, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Jasper Deirmendjian, Ben Giles, Ann Hardie, Samuel Kirby 

studio hand: Jasper Deirmendjian



The production values achieved in presence owe much to the broad and advanced talents of Shahane Bekarian, the Key Personnel. More importantly, I thank him for the emotional intelligence with which he grasped the intent.

I thank Cultural Capital for the most comprehensively devised and expertly managed Expression of Interest program that I've ever experienced. Their mediation allowed for an organic development of the work, that reached fruition without compromise. In particular I wish to thank Alessio Cavallaro (Curatorial Director/wynscreen), Amanda Jelicich-Kane (Studio Manager/Cultural Capital) and Hai Tran (Technical Director/wynscreen).

Finally, I wish to acknowledge Transport for NSW for the enlightened client and cultural contributer that they so demonstrably are.