gary deirmendjian selected works

presence - concourse 2021



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:::: commissioned video projection in response to urban context
:::: Chatswood Library foyer, The Concourse, Chatswood Sydney
:::: invited artist, Human in the Wire, a Willoughby Council curated Exhibition
:::: single channel silent video 21:00
:::: projected upon existing frosted film laminated to the glazing
:::: screened dimension 5m x 2m [height]


artist statement

in presence – concourse viewers encounter life size energised silhouetted body forms, moving in slow motion upon common ground. it is the ground level public foyer above the Chatswood Library stairwell, that the exchange takes place.

the figures move slowly buzzing with what appears to be ectoplasmic, electromagnetic or digital fuzz. at times solo and at others not, they come into existence as a cloud of noise to constitute with density and behave individually, before dissipating back into nothingness again …




i extend my gratitude to Cassandra Hard-Lawrie [Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator; Willoughby Council], for the invitation, her professionalism throughout the engagement and her tireless efforts towards the fulsome realisation of the work.

i thank Miguel Olmo [fellow Human in the Wire artist], who undertook the complex installtion of the projector and housing. without him the solution would've been less elegant and the work less impactful.

the production values achieved in presence-concourse owe much to the broad and advanced talents of Shahane Bekarian, the videographer and editor of the work. more importantly, i thank him for the emotional intelligence with which he grasped the intent.