gary deirmendjian selected works

sediment ii 2006 - 07



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:::: 78cm (height) x 220cm x 90cm
:::: actual mud with various inclusions, fixed with resins
:::: mixed media monocoque support structure
:::: 30kg (approx.)
:::: touches the ground on its forearm, calf and back of foot


artist statement

The In the sediment series the figures are of adult males un-referenced to any model or image, all encrusted with mud and other organic debris. They are articulated horizontally and are impossibly poised. The bodies appear to defy gravity, lightly contacting the ground typically at the points of the flesh as apposed to being supported by any skeletal and muscular integrity. Although appearing conscious, signs of self-assurance and self-assertion are far less apparent.

Just as plant forms respond to the surges of the river, here the body and limbs appear articulated as though by the pressures of some engulfing fluid medium in flux. Notions of being carried by unseen forces of ones own context and conditioning, may come to mind.

I like to imagine these bodies as being like grains of sand in a state of slow sedimentary entrapment at the murky interface between river and riverbed, about to be embedded into a fresh layer of a sedimentary bedrock complex.