gary deirmendjian selected works

andric 2011



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:::: 2.4m (height) x 400mm x 400mm
:::: found metallic lengths

:::: constructed by stacking


artist statement

Scrounging about a council depot one early August morning I came across a heap of standard length metallic elements that at best I would guess were made of zinc and had something to do with masonry.

In the spur of the moment I began to stack them, two upon two. It was quite tedious fishing them out of the mud and wiping them clean before stacking. After some time I suddenly realised that I was running late for my school drop off duties and had no hope of finishing it in time. I was perhaps half way through the stack at that stage, so I left hoping to return soon, and more so hoping that it wouldn't be toppled over before I had a chance to finish it.

It took several days to find the time to return to this sudden and unintended project.

To my great surprise not only was the work intact but it had grown substantially. Someone had clearly taken on the task.

It must be said that this is a secure site and is very rarely visited by Council workers. However there are homeless people who exists along with their hoarding on the perimeter of the property. I've spoken to a few but none have taken credit thus far.

There were perhaps another dozen or so remaining lengths in hard to reach places. I fished them out and completed the stack.

It's title, not that my collaborator knows it, is andric because I was thinking of a friend and fellow artist whose work I was being reminded of while making it. His name is George Andric and he is based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Now end of December, andric still stands ...

... and now end of February 2012, andric has fallen.