gary deirmendjian selected works

bondi spawn 2020


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:::: an in-the-moment intervention with available media
:::: Bondi Beach - South, Sydney
:::: the original stack spawned many dozens more by anonymous contributors
:::: 7' high
:::: stone, brick, concrete


artist statement

in the dim of a predawn spring Saturday walking the shore, at the southern end of Bondi there appeared much more than the usual deposit of stone. unusual wave actions perhaps had shifted sufficient sand to have exposed them so.

the yield enticed, and a 7' high stack was born.

the stones at its base were too heavy to lift alone. instead, they were shifted by sliding and roiling along.

come Tuesday morning revisiting the site curious whether the stack was there at all, i was struck by a complete surprise.

not only did the stack still stand tall nearly 4 days on, but it was accompanied by many dozens more. a chorus of sprawned response by anonymous souls, to an origoinating gesture left there without claim ...