gary deirmendjian selected works

chasm - ibrahim 2012



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:::: 2m (height) x 1m (width) x 2.3m (depth, including gap between stones)
:::: sandstone - Yellow Block

:::: 3 tonnes (approx 1.5 tonnes per stone)
:::: private commission

special acknowledgements:

Louie Abboud (Icon Residential) and stonemasons James Gardner, Michael Wills & Ben Gardner



artist statement

The work is effectively a gateway mediating a symbolic transition from public to private space, and vice versa.

The stones together imply the outer extents of a rectangular prism, with a massively eroded chasm in between.

All outward facing surfaces feature flat machined planes with crisp edges, whilst those walling the passageway are characterised by a complex of irregular unpredictable natural tones and topography.

From outside the work is quantitative, in that its overall dimensions are measurable and its weight, hardness, smoothness and flatness of planes, all assessable. Only a hint of the medium’s true aesthetic character shows through such worked faces.

The inner walls however defy any such probing.

This sharp contrast between the work’s inner and outer characteristics is the conundrum of mutual exclusivity ... between qualitative engagement once within and a quantifiable outer form only discernible once outside.