gary deirmendjian selected works

closer to home 2014



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:::: commissioned artist, Taronga Wild! Rhinos Community Arts & Fundraising Project; Taronga Conservation Society Australia
:::: a predetermined fiberglass rhino form was provided by the Society, a blank given canvas, upon which the work was performed
:::: mixed media - non organic rubbish, collected from Taronga Zoo and the artist's home; fiberglass/resin outer skin
:::: life size


artist statement

A giant digestive sac in the form of a rhino, appears to hold bare the actualities of our
ways ... made STUFF ... only a meagre sample of the unprejudiced worthlessness of cost and
consequence, that pile up daily as mountains in the wakes of our ushered consumerist ways.

The non-organic rubbish in the work was collected from both Taronga Zoo and my home,
suggesting that distant concerns are not abstract and removed from the incremental consequences
of our daily doings ... and thus swells quietly the great Sublime of our age.


special notes

This work was sponsored by Brookfield and exhibited at their World Square Shopping Centre in Sydney, from February to April 2014 .

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