gary deirmendjian selected works

engagement of a subjective kind 2018



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:::: site specific indoor installation
:::: invited artist; a collaborative pairing with Hossein Valamanesh
:::: Drawing Exchange 2018 [click]
:::: initiative of National Art School [NAS] and Adelaide Central School of Art [ACSA]
:::: mixed media - including synthetic rope, twine, NAS Archive items, teaching aids and other elements

:::: dimensions variable


artist statement

two distinct echoes from a joint arrival ... from a collaboration of sorts ... of attitude and of sensibilities ... this in Sydney and Hossein's titled Lost and Found in Adelaide.

something restrained with,

something learnt from,

something made with,

something trodden on,

something tought with ...



detailing the elements

the following is a listing of the 5 elements/object clusters in order of presentation [from back wall towards the glazed end of gallery; they are not in chronological order and are presented on plinths of various heights]:

+ leg irons and ball & chain, actually used on site during convict era [from NAS Archives Collection]

+ plaster head copy, “Niccolo da Uzzano" by Donatello. this i studied intensely while undertaking my MFA at NAS [from NAS Sculpture Department]

+ a cluster of timber shoe lusts and accessories from era of prisoners used as cheap labour while incarcerated in the mass production of shoe’s and boots [from NAS Archives Collection]

+ square concrete pavers from the ground of NAS that i dug up. - a purposely unfinished limestone head that i made while teaching carving to indicate the various stages of approach [dug up from NAS grounds]

+ a purposely unfinished limestone head i carved while teaching carving in 2015, to indicate stages of approach and process [from personal collection]




working with you has been a personal and professioanl privilege ... thank you Hossein Valamanesh.

i thank the Drawing Department at NAS for their consideration, the invitation and generous facilitation.