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flake 2010


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:::: finalist, Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi 2010
:::: 5m (height) x 3m x 4m
:::: 3 tonnes (total)
:::: enabled through the support of Lorose Container Hire & Storage, Aldridge Traffic Systems (click),
Panax Constructions and Kennards Burwood (click)

To Graeme Pattison, it is difficult to imagine for the work to have come to life in its fuller sense without your expertise and generous support. Thank you very much.


artist statement

This uprooted hunk of urban skin is shown for what it is - the few inches of concrete that separate us from the earth.

It now rests tilted and easily, having fallen like a dropped scab scraped off a healing wound.

Although disconnected, in both a physical and neurological sense, from some greater matrix, it seems to have retained a life of its own and still attempts to dictate its invested authority.


special note

This installation was undertaken in the context of the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2010 Exhibition (Oct 28 - Nov 14), Bondi - Tamarama, Sydney, NSW

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