gary deirmendjian selected works

hollow promise - bmg  2010



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:::: invited artist, Brenda May Gallery (click)
:::: 1.2m (height) x 7m x 3.8m
:::: installation, 20ft shipping container segment and crushed granite
:::: 300kg (container segment only)
:::: enabled through Lorose Container Hire & Storage and Baulkham Hills Landscape Supplies


artist statement

... this abandoned relic of a faith gone by, rests emptied baseless and part exposed in the bosom of the lifeless soil.


critique by John Matthews, The Artkritique (click), 16 January 2010

The dominant piece, in size at least, is Gary Deirmendjian's 'Hollow Promise', quite simply a steel shipping container that seems to have been submerged in earth and sand. In this plain white room it really is quite touching. There is just enough container left, its angle just right to suggest a gradual slippage and ultimate drowning. The work plays with the area between solidity and fragility, between the eternal and the ephemeral. It's power comes, like still life vanitas, from our innate knowledge that all that is concrete eventually melts away. In an Australian context one cannot help but think of Jeffrey Smart's industrial subjects, more broadly I was reminded of the touching final frames of 'The Planet of The Apes' when Charlton Heston discovers the Statue of Liberty half buried.