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hollow promise - cottesloe 2009



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:::: invited artist, Sculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe 2009
:::: 4.5m (height) x 7m x 12m
:::: installation of 20ft shipping container and segments
:::: 4 tonnes (total)
:::: enabled through Lorose Container Hire & Storage and Cavanagh Cranes & Transport, both based in Sydney


artist statement

Born of trade, they now lie easily and exposed as though ancient relics of a bygone faith, empty, looted, burnt - in a state of stable decay.

When inside one is blinkered from the surrounds and the gaze drawn to sea - the source of their story.


special note

This installation was undertaken within the context of the Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2009 Exhibition (March 5 - 24), at Cottesloe Beach, Perth WA.

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