gary deirmendjian selected works

link - bsr 2017



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:::: site specific intervention; Studio 2 and courtyard, British School at Rome (BSR)
60 x 26m lengths of red cotton yarn (on average)
:::: 1,600m in total length (1.6km)


artist statement

while a site specific intervention in pure physical terms ... taking advantage of the architectural givens of the site, the work may in a broader sense suggest itself as an apt metaphor for what transpires daily at the BSR.

it is an expanse of linkage between two focal points, one upon a desktop and the other anchored firmly into Roman ground ...



an unexpected response

Surprising, with its sudden turns which took no account of proper barriers, made the world a screen, a convenience for your play. Is there any difference between inside and outside? No. Is there any difference between public and private? No. What is this place we find ourselves that can be so easily traversed? Could it be our home? We are not a fly on the wall. We are a fly everywhere.

Michael Snape

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