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link - hillview 2018



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:::: vectorial site specific intervention within given architectural context
:::: finalist, Hillview Sculpture Biennial, Sutton Forest, NSW
:::: bleached wool, plinth and other support media
:::: dimensions variable

Set within rural surrounds of the Southern Highlands of NSW, Hillview is a former Vice Regal country retreat currently operating as a hotel, with intents to develop a significant cultural presence.

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artist statement

A site specific intervention … a vectorial and suggestive linking of past, present and intent.




link - hillview is a vectorial intervention exploiting the physical attributes of the interior architecture of the Hillview building.

It takes form as a nine thread, site specific engagement, that stretches out from a focal point at the entry door, expanding throughout the corridor and permeating through the doorway wall into the living room expanse, to then re-focalise atop of a freestanding plinth.

As a device, the plinth offers an opportunity for the work to both physically and symbolically leap away from the building and its history, into the common ground of the present ... and into the realm of a new vision for artistic exhibition. The work is thus presented as though a sculptural proposition, with the focal point upon the plinth happily suggesting either the point of its genesis, or equally so its end.

Given the original purpose of the building, the use of white wool yarn and crisp lines, may be efficiently suggestive of the clear assertions of colonial privilege and subsequent intervention over indigenous lands ...




I thank the organisers for facilitatiing the efficient realisation of the work.

In particular I would like to thank David Ryrie for his ingenious solution of a rigging system within the plinth that allowed for the easy tensioning of the last but cruicial leg of the nine lines.