gary deirmendjian selected works

pulse 2020


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:::: invited artist
:::: moving image artwork - Federation Square, Melbourne
:::: artwork commissioned by the Fivex Foundation and presented in association with Federation Square
:::: single channel looped video work
:::: link to Federation Square site for pulse [click]


artist statement

the rhythmic thud that echoes from our vital core. our beat, there to be felt by delicate touch … there to be heard from the depths of our chest … there to be seen, a throbbing visible beneath tender skin. the predominant indicator of our moment-to-moment being, our wellbeing even, outwardly discernible.

as such at Federation Square, the great public space for shared experience at the Melbourne's very heart, there beats an assuring monumental pulse in the form of light. surged by some social groundswell perhaps, it spills out without sound through perforated façade, with gentle coloured light reflected upon the people nearby, as though all subtly unified.

the City stirs, vital and alive …



i wish to thank the Fivex Foundation for their invitation and generous support of the artwork. equally, i wish to acknowledge Federation Square for their foresight and extraordinary response in their acceptance of pulse and its facilitation.

in particular, i would like to note the invaluable input of Alessio Cavallaro [Creative Producer, Fivex Art Prize], Benjamin McCarthy and Jessie Alice [Multimedia Production Team, Fed Square] for their professional, generous and skillful support of the successful realisation and screening of pulse.

Shahane Bekarian [click], thank you for your specialist talents in video production. as always you greatly enriched.

All imagery on Album page is by Melbourne based photographers Trevor Mein [click] and Eugene Hyland [click] ... as marked.