gary deirmendjian selected works

reach 2006



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:::: 3m (height) x 3.5m x 5m
:::: 102 slip cast heads - bisque fired
:::: other: large head - plaster on carved polystyrene, found steel hooks, coated with toner, A4 paper, photocopying toner


artist statement

The congregation of 102 finely finished ceramic heads forms a strict square. Although overwhelmingly similar, the heads are subtly individual. Like grains of sand, they’re of the same sort but individually different. Only their mouths, although closed, offer any real promise of an opening.

Each is detached from the ground by a single A4 sheet paper that is blackened within the margins with toner, in turn signifying printed text. Depending on the varying humidity in the room the papers either curl up or lay flat to connect to other papers. It is thus through the printed text regarding their collective reason that the heads connect and disconnect with others in the collective.

The collective gaze links them to an inflated black head, that is held raised and clearly made in their own image – ie they were not made in its image. This head is of a somewhat crude construction, falls short of a refined representation and features two pathetic antennae like hooks that strive upwards, reaching for something to hang from. The height is provided by a tall stack of A4 paper, upon which the head sits balanced without support.

Like the papers, the head too is blackened with toner, suggesting it as a collective construct in word - an idea, a god, a castle in the sky. The reached height is in a precarious state of balance with the stack showing signs of losing its structural integrity. It cannot promise to sustain the proposition at any greater height.