gary deirmendjian selected works

roman stack - dialogue 2017



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:::: public intervention
:::: terraced steps, Borghese Gardens, Rome
:::: directly opposite Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna
:::: 50cm (height) x 50cm x 50cm
:::: flaking bitumen of the vernacular


artist statement

A public intervention in the form of a cube stack was constructed from media of the vernacular, directly across the road from the bombastic presence of Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome.

The stack sat in direct contrast, centred and at equal level with the Galleria’s entrance, amongst the terraced steps leading to the Borghese Gardens above. A busy public thoroughfare during the day, the area harboured a great deal of homelessness as well as antisocial behaviour by dark.

The stack cube was modelled in dimension on several concrete and stone cubes encountered within the Gardens [see images below]. It was aligned with the global axis and not with the geometry of the built environment.

The stack was a worthless and anonymous presence, pitched against the highly labelled, valued, promoted and secured works across the road, that are simply out of reach.  

The media … bitumen biscuits of peculiar quality, a product of the flaking urban skin, was salvaged from the immediate and neglected surrounds.

The purpose of the work became to document any change or apparent engagement that it may attract over the course of one month, while resisting every urge to touch, adjust or interfere with it personally.

The changes were surprising, with roman stack - dialogue having demonstrably echoed the story of Rome itself, as well as having served as a conduit allowing a silent dialogue with the living city … on quite modest and anonymous grounds. 


unexplained cubes

The stack size was identical in dimension to unexplained concrete and stone cubes chanced upon within the Borghese Gardens.