gary deirmendjian selected works

sediment true 2016



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:::: invited artist ... group exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Artereal Gallery (click)
:::: media - single channel video, projector, thumb drive, timber pallet, cardboard boxes, shrinkwrap, and salvaged items including bitumen, gravel & street detritus
:::: video consists of still imagery from growing personal collection addressing homelessness, captured with the anonymity of the subject upheld.

:::: 1200mm x 1200mm x 1600mm (height)


artist statement

... democratic lands of plenty have their victims too I see ...


gallery descriptive

Gary Deirmendjian is a latter day flaneur. His appropriately low-fi video installation Sediment true is of and from the streets. Grit, grunge, detritus and his images of the homeless victims of our consumer throw-away society are all gathered on the streets. Their anonymous images, screened almost as an ‘aside’ from a pocket projector that is visible through a tear in a stacked palette of shrink-wrapped cardboard cartons imply perfunctory societal attitudes,  prompting the artist’s premise that “… democratic lands of plenty have their victims too I see …”.




I wish to thank Artereal Gallery for the invitation to exhibit and the opportunity to realise a new work ... but more so for the trust and courage that they have always afforded my practice.