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sensorium 2023



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:::: moment & site specific kinetic installation
:::: Reflection Pool, The Concourse/Chatswood Library, Chatswood Sydney
:::: invited artist, Spirit Wave, a Willoughby Council curated Exhibition
:::: 7.2m x 5.4m x 1.05m [above water level]

:::: 130 custom made floatation needles and anchoring means

please note: the metalic sculptural element is an existing artwork titled Visiting Enki [2010], by Wendy Mills


artist statement

situated at the Reflection Pool at Chatswood Concourse, sensorium is a site and moment specific kinetic installation agitated by the movements of air and water. the first by circulation of natural breeze, and the latter by ripples and currents generated by the Pool’s filtration system.

just as our hair stand on end at moments of heightened awareness … as a physical manifestation enlivened by our core’s resonant response to experiences of the unexplainable, sensorium too may be appreciated metaphorically as a gridded sensory field. a monumental device that ‘feels’ the unseen. perhaps it is the resonance of a spiritual realm that it senses, the residue vibrations of our universe’s birth that binds all things great and small, and us in between …




i extend my gratitude to Cassandra Hard-Lawrie [Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator; Willoughby Council], for the invitation, her professionalism throughout the engagement and efforts towards the fulsome realisation of the work.

i would like to acknowledge Bibi Soleimani and Sayoko Aso [Sculpture Graduates; National Art School, Sydney] for their expert and patient assistance during installation, thank you.

to Mario Khaicy [CEO & Founder, Northpoint, click] and Joshua Qi [Owner, Net and Tackle Sales, click], thank you for your respective material support that you have generously lent the project. it is very much appreciated.

Will Style, how can i forget your timely help with the preps ... you were there just as i needed someone. thank you.