gary deirmendjian selected works

subject to condition 2007



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:::: 300cm (height) x 180cm x 165cm
:::: epoxy resin, fibre glass, styrofoam
:::: 70kg (approx.)
:::: anchored to the ground - touches ground on knees and toes
:::: finalist, Sculpture by The Sea 2007
:::: enabled through the support of Fibre Glass International (click), Studio Kite (click), Sydney Olympic Park Authority (click)
:::: private collection - Mornington Peninsula, Vic


artist statement

He rests upon the ground directly - free of any visual and physical mediation - contacting it at points beneath the knees and the backs of his toes.

Although conscious, his head is slumped and body resigned, as he appears to be carried, as though upheld by invisible arms that embrace his torso from behind. It is unclear if he is being raised or lowered – the choice does not seem to be his.

His physical attitude is itself a metaphor for one being wet by and subject to the tides of one’s conditioning.

note: This figure is imagined - ie unreferenced, and reoccurs in the oeuvre as though a characterisation carried by an author.