gary deirmendjian selected works

urban real 2007



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:::: finalist, The McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2007
:::: 380cm x 380cm (height variable)
:::: living plane tree, concrete, steel, bitumen, granite, timber
:::: 10 tonnes (approx.)
:::: enabled by Street Furniture Australia, 2MH Consulting - Porous Solutions, Granites of Australia and Tall Tree - Wholesale Nursery
:::: permanent collection, McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park, Vic


artist statement

A hunk of urban skin in the shape of a square jigsaw puzzle piece, houses a young plane tree - a species clearly foreign to the site.

Constructed from actual materials and elements found in typical metropolitan design, a greater and standardised urban matrix is implied. Is it the first of more pieces to come? A familiar stage for daily life, it now appears in stark contrast to its natural bush setting.

The young plane tree also appears out of place. It will now be encouraged by the surrounding flora and the very light, air and soil that feeds them, as it grows taller and thicker with roots sent exploring beyond its immediate constraints. It will adapt and over time give the appearance that it wears its urban condition like a special bracelet around its trunk. Or will it?

Perhaps the work is after all a living self-portrait.