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warehouse mutant - balaclava 2014



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:::: invited artist, Pink William - a creative laboratory (click), Balaclava, Melbourne
:::: temporary site specific installation - intent rising from the artist's practice and the actualities of site

:::: constructed solely from logistics items including pallets, cartons and shrink wrap
:::: set in an active warehousing/factory and broadly commercial street context
:::: 5m x 2.8m x 1.7m (height)

Although driven by a certain rhythm of intent, the creation and installation was the outcome of a collaborative making that was much akin to the notion of jamming in music.

The players were not known to myself prior to the happening, other than tunni kraus of Pink William who was the common link.


artist statement

a beast emerges in the age of stuff ...


a kinship gels

“What intrigues Gary as an artist are concepts, materials and mediums that also resonate strongly with myself. It has been an eye-opening and extremely humbling experience to witness the strong and refined artistic qualities of an established practitioner working with these familiar constructs. Gary’s strong work ethic, dedication and solitude (though romantic) are qualities that I admire, particularly in light of the considered and direct way he articulates his practice. In many ways Gary demonstrated to me a mode of being that is productive, artistic, sensitive and free, yet not unquestionably consumptive, something that should be simple, yet I have never really witnessed."

tunni kraus, September 2014

"Mutant Collaboration ... a reflection", by tunni, September 2014, PDF (click)




I would like to acknowledge the broad minded enabling attitude and capacity of Pink William for so fully embracing a non definite proposal on my behalf, and allowing the work to emerge on the day.

I am very grateful to the following individuals in particular, who were extremely generous with their time, creative input and considerable physical energy:

tunni kraus (click)

Amichai Lankri (click)

Ramon Martinez Mendoza (click)