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worms - aarhus bay 2015



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:::: major kinetic installation in Aarhus Bay consisting of large buoys
:::: a moment specific prpoposition; the conditions of the bay dictate overall form and any in-the-moment happenings
:::: finalist, Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus - Denmark, 2015 Exhibition (see below under "special notes")
:::: 3 above water free roaming lines consisting of 7 buoys each, and various underwater support media
:::: variable overall dimentions; each line is 12m long and each buoy 1.1m in diameter.


artist statement

Characterised by wind, wave and current, these three separate lines of seven large white balls each, roam independently on the surface of the sea.

As site and moment specific happenings, they are shaped and agitated by the passing moment, directly reflecting the many moods of the Bay.

As though three tribes … same, but different … the individual balls appear unbound and capable of simply drifting away from their respective formation. They on the contrary are being invisibly pulled back into line …  over and over again … like the wind perhaps, by a force felt yet unseen.  

Perhaps after all, they are quite simply lines of big white balls being played by the sea ...


special notes

This installation was undertaken within the context of Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus - Denmark, 2015 Exhibition, on from June 5 to July 5.

Click (here) for further information regarding Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus - Denmark.



I would like to thank Niels Østergaard and his exhibition Site Crew colleague, Jens Berg Madsen, for making worms - aarhus bay possible, in both extensive planning and committed execution.

Axel Arnott thank you for that certain sharpness and decisive input that helped to better tailor the work to site, as well as your commitment to artistic integrity.

Further, I wish to thank Thomas Lund of DAN - FENDER for the company's generous support of the project in supplying their B135 Heavy Duty Marker Buoys, that served as the central elements for the work, and to which they were ideally suited - click (here) to visit their website.



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